The Cyber Hymnal
This is a wonderful site devoted to hymns! You can learn about the history of your favorite hymn, hear it played and much more!

Sense and Sensibility
This is a wonderful sewing site that specializes in historical patterns. A delightful site!

This website has all kinds of fun and interesting patterns for everything from crocheting to beading to paper crafts.

Bible Gateway
This is a great website to help you find Scripture references quickly!

Sewing with Kids
This is a great sewing website. It takes your through all the steps of learning how to sew anything you want on your own!

I love this website! They offer beautiful material and their own unique patterns.

Kellie Falconer Designs
This dear girl has a delightful blog and her very own store with some really wonderful, handmade items.
Great food blog!
Wonderful blog with all kinds of amazing info about herbs, health and recipes!