Hymns in Our Hearts

I meant to start my Hymns in Our Hearts series with this entry, but somehow it slipped through the cracks.  So I am posting it now! Enjoy!

Hymns are such beautiful songs. If you really sit down and concentrate on a hymn as you read it, you will realize how very thoughtfully written a lot of them are. Hymns are full of Scripture and a lot of times were written out of the very deep feelings of the writer’s heart as they reached out to God in their fear, love, worry, sadness, joy or hope. Christian songs now days, as I am sure you have heard for yourself, are often repetitious and flat. There is nothing bad with these songs, I myself like a lot of the older modern Christian songs, but there is just something about hymns that brings peace to our hearts.   

The early church elders and apostles sang to each other in songs and spiritual songs as it says to in Ephesians 5:19. So did our Pilgrim fathers, many old pastors and preachers as well as kings and governors. Many people have been comforted throughout history by singing God’s Word. It wasn’t too many years ago that hymnbooks or psalters were almost as important to have in church pews as Bibles!

I think that it is time to get back to these beautiful spiritual songs of yesterday. I would like to present a challenge to you, young maiden. If you have not already begun to apply yourself to learning these songs by heart, I want to encourage you to start today. Hymns can often times be as comforting and instructional to us as the Word of God. As you begin, do not be discouraged if it takes you awhile to remember the words! Start with a few stanzas of your favorite hymns and proceed from there. As for those of you who sing hymns all the time, why not learn a new one or try memorizing all of the stanzas of a current one you know.

I plan to feature a new hymn for you here every now and then under this title of Hymns in Our Hearts.  I will be including all the stanzas as well as a little history on the song and why it was written. Perhaps you would like to start learning the ones I put up. Remember, hymns are very good to memorize, but the Word of God will stand forever and it is even more important to learn it by heart!


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