Friendships (Part 2)

In my earlier blog post about friendship, I described what it means to be and how we can be a good friend to someone else. In this post, I want to write about how to pick good friends. The book of Proverbs is full of excellent advice on how to pick good friends. Why not try underlining in your Bible in Proverbs all the verses that pertain to friendship? This will give you a great head start over a lot of other young people your age if you obey that wisdom in Proverbs!

Besides that, how do we pick good friends? This is a very good question and should be pondered very carefully by every young person seeking to follow God wholeheartedly today. The Bible says in I Corinthians 15:33, Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.” This is so true! So how then do we find good friends?

1. Be friendly to everyone, but choose your friends wisely! Watch carefully the actions of others and measure them by God’s Word. Decide if their influence would lead you in a righteous path and influence you for evil or good.

2. Avoid the company of commanding, overbearing or controlling people. These people see others as their servants and you will often become just that to them! They may seem like a best friend to you, but remember true friendship should always be a sharing, two-sided relationship.

3. Do not be friends with a person who is always asking you for favors unless there is a good reason. Be generous and kind, but don’t let people use you!

4. Chose friends that will encourage you to walk close to God and follow Him. Chose friends who fear God rather than man. They will always build you up and not tear you down! These friends are real treasures. They are few and far between so if you find one, make sure that you cherish them!

5. Young maiden, be very careful in your friendships with boys. It is better to keep them as acquaintances rather than close friends. You should always keep your personal dignity and purity in mind. During this time in your life, your best and closest friends should be girls.

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