In the Good Old Summertime…

So, how is everyone enjoying their summer? The days have slipped by so fast here, I didn’t even realize that I haven’t written for awhile! Summer seems to do that to you. It is such a wonderful, lazy, slow time of year that I at least seem to move just the same way! I have had a very nice quiet summer so far with just enough to keep me occupied each day. As apposed to last year, Texas has been have some wonderful thunderstorms blow through which is keeping things cooler! I love a summer thunderstorm!
Here are a few summery pictures of things I have been enjoying lately! Have a great rest of the summer!


                                                      Sunny, blue skies…


                                                         Patriotic spirit…

Lavender Ice Cream Recipe

                                    Ice cream… (or sorbert, or frozen yogurt, or gelato, or ….)


Hammocks… Wouldn’t it be nice to be right here in this picture?

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