Beauty on the Inside and Outside

Well, this entry has been in my drafts for awhile and I never could seem to get my thoughts down just the way I wanted them to sound. The reason? Beauty is important to girls! Every girl wants to be thought of as beautiful, graceful, elegant, and charming. Just what is beauty though and who and what determines what it means? Webster’s 1828 dictionary interestingly defines beauty as not only a beauty of form, appearance or ornament, but also the qualities of joyfulness, gladness, dignity and order. Interesting, yes?
Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. What might be beautiful and well admired in one culture, may be ugly and out of place in another. This is outer beauty. But, the inner beauty that only God can cultivate in His children is beautiful no matter where you go. God should define our sense of beauty.
So, there are my thoughts! But, I did want to give you some suggestions that I have found helpful in cultivating inner and outer beauty!

Inner Beauty: God made us to love beauty, but when we begin to emphasize the outward beauty more than the inner, we lose something very precious in His sight.  Cultivating inner beauty should always be your top priority and what you strive to shine before man. Here some ideas I have found helpful in cultivating inner beauty.

  • Know who you are in Christ. There is a great peace that comes when you know that God has chosen you and He sees you as beautiful no matter what.
  • Strive to let your light shine before man. When you are focusing on shining forth Christ all else pales in His light.
  • Focus on cultivating in your life godly virtues and character.
  • Learn to serve others.
  • Encourage others and do not strive to outdo anyone.
  • Pray and ask God to make you beautiful with His love.

Outer Beauty: First impressions are always important! Though inner beauty should be most important to us, as girls it is not easy to forget about our outer beauty! In fact, it is down right fun to try new things a lot of times! Here are some ideas for caring for the outer beauty God has given you.

  • You are God’s servant and representative to this world. Dress in a way that would honor Him.
  • Dress modestly. You want people to look at your face, not your body. Chose classic styles that last from season to season, not fads or trends.
  • Take care of yourself! Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.
  • Makeup is fine as long as it is used to ENHANCE and not MASK!
  • The French believe that beautiful skin needs no makeup. Caring for your skin is important.
  • Whatever you use to care for your hair, body or face make sure it is always natural and as pure as possible!
  • Smile! It is the greatest accessory!

To close, I want to leave you with a quote that really made me think when I read it. Maybe it will encourage you, young maiden, as well!

Beautiful is something we are, not something we become.

One thought on “Beauty on the Inside and Outside

  1. Hey Candace, a great quote I found (by Paul Washer I believe) says something very important about modesty. Something for all girls to ask themselves when looking at their attire in front of a mirror.
    He asks, “Are your clothes a frame for your face, or for your body?” ~~~ W.O.W.

    Many of your tips for cultivating inner beauty are great!

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