Aprons: A blessing from yesteryear

I always think of warm, cozy kitchens and good things baking when I think of the word “apron”. What comes to you your mind? I never wore aprons much until I got older and started cooking and baking in the kitchen myself. It always felt so nice to don an apron and not have to worry about spills, oil stains or flour dustings. Lately, I have been thinking how nice it would be to have any apron for gardening or house cleaning as well.

1940 Cherry Apron

Aprons truly are a way to connect us to the past. A simple piece of cloth turned into a useful garment to keep nicer clothes clean is not a modern invention! Women have been putting on aprons to keep their clothes clean from cooking accidents and messy farm chores for a very long time! Even young girls wore whole body aprons know as “pinafores” regularly in the olden days. How nice it is to think of these strong, busy women as we put on our own aprons. It always gives me a since of history and delight as I put on one of my grandmother’s old aprons and though I never knew her, wonder and marvel at how special it is to wear the very apron she used to cook and care for her family!
Aprons, indeed have become a forgotten blessing from yesteryear! I encourage all you, young maidens, to start wearing those aprons. You will never know how wonderful they are to help you perform so many tasks more easily until you try them out. Maybe you could even make your own and start a new tradition!

“An apron would be donned for the daily house and kitchen work,
and when unexpected company was knocking at the door
the apron would suddenly be whisked away allowing the lady of
the house to present a clean and ready appearance for
her guests.”
from The Hope Chest: A Legacy of Love

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