Garden Journaling

Hello, everyone! I am so sorry for the complete lack of posts there for awhile. Hopefully, I am going to try and remedy that soon! I have had to go back in my archives and try to figure out why so many of my posts suddenly started lacking their pictures. Not fully sure why they seemed to have been eaten alive by my website, but I think I have most of the smaller ones back!

Anyway, lately, I have been quite fascinated by the idea of keeping a garden journal. I love to garden and we do have a good size vegetable garden, but the idea never occurred to me to write about it! Garden journals, as I found out, were kept by many people in the old days to keep track of what they planted, when they planted it, what they wanted to plant, yields of certain crops, prices of seeds, weather for the year. Some times, in the Victorian days especially, there were even very detailed botanical drawings made and kept in these garden journals.

A page from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello garden journal

Now, even if you don’t garden, it is still a great idea to keep a nature/garden journal of sorts. There is always time to pause and enjoy God’s beautiful creation and try to capture some of the beauty before our eyes. Maybe you could just record the different types of wildflowers that spring up in your yard or how much you gathered berry picking. Here are some ideas I came up with that I am thinking about for my own garden/nature journal.

  • Draw diagrams and map out the garden plots for each planting season.
  • Include notes about yields, types of plants, colors of foliage, flowers and produce.
  • Include a sample of each seed in a little envelope.
  • Note weather patterns and pests encountered.
  • For flowers, dry one and tape in journal.
  • Include tips and helpful garden ideas.
  • Make sure to decorate it with pictures and drawings!
  • Make list of tasks to be done.
Grow a garden journal

Sample of a garden journal.

One thought on “Garden Journaling

  1. We started keeping a garden journal once. I can’t quote it to you because it’s out in the garage, but I think it lasted maybe three days!
    I also had to keep a daily nature diary for a while. I wasn’t keen on it, to say the least! But I think I could start afresh 🙂

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