Biblical Women

So often in the Bible we are only given short little snippets of the many and varied women that we read about. Sometimes precious little or only relevant information to the story we are reading is provided. I wonder, young maiden, if you have ever found yourself, as I know I have, contemplating and thinking about the rest of the life of that certain woman I might be reading about. After all, so many of these women we read about like Sarah, Martha or Dorcas did so much to serve God and follow Him only. They are given to us, I believe, to be truly worthy role models even in our day and age.
May I encourage you, young maiden, to try and dig a little deeper into the lives of these Biblical women? They have so many lessons to offer us if we will just try a little harder to understand and study their lives, the times they lived in and how they honored God. And I don’t mean just the spiritual lessons, though those are important, but also how they lived and what the culture was like that they lived in. How did they prepare their meals? Did they work in the fields? What was their role like at that time? How about the people they lived with, ruled over or were ruled by? Trying to discover the answers to these questions can be such an insightful and inspiring journey for us and can really give us more understanding into these amazing women that God included in His Word.
There are so many women in the Bible that we could start with and I encourage you to study on your own. Start, perhaps with one woman who has personally inspired you such as Esther. And then move on to others like Ruth, Sarah, Rebecca and Mary. These are the well-known women of the Bible, but there are just as many others that are not as well known that are just as interesting such as Lydia, Abigail or Priscilla. May you learn much, be encouraged and may God bless you as you study!

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.
Proverbs 31:30

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