Observing Art for God’s Glory

In a world flooded by pictures, advertisements, and photos it is hard to imagine how it must have been for our ancestors in the olden days. Their only choice very often was to visit an art museum to view paintings or drawings and prints of far away places. Now, we have become so accustom to the color, imagery and movement of photos and screens that it is hard for us to sit still and really look at and enjoy a fine painting. May I suggest, young maiden, that it is time to start once again really looking at and studying the wonderful old paintings.

But, why should we do this? Well, first of all to learn to truly appreciate the talents of people such as artists who God has blessed with the ability to portray and capture beauty in an unique way. This in turn teaches us to appreciate all the beauty God has saturated our world and the nature around us with. Being creative and creating beauty in the world around us whether it be through art, writing or music is learning to reflect and imitate the One who created us. So, just how can we start doing this? Here are some questions you can start asking yourself whenever you see a painting that you haven’t before.

Who painted this and what were they like? What is the style of the painter and what was he/she influenced by? What time period is this painting from?

Lilac Irises - Claude Monet

Lilac Irises by Claude Monet

What is the theme of the painting? What story does it tell?


Charity by Fredrick Morgan

Who is the painting of? Is it a portrait?


Spring Maiden by Sir Frank Dicksee


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