Biblical Women Sketch: Esther

Several years ago I decided to study the lives of some of my favorite people from the Bible. Of course, Queen Esther was my first choice! What young lady doesn’t like the story of a young woman picked up out of her everyday life and chosen to be queen? Yet that responsibility also came with the call to save her people from sure death. The smaller sized book of Esther at only nine chapters long still tells an incredible story of God’s protection and portrays some amazing people dedicated to their God. I thought I might share some of what I learned in my study in hopes that it might serve as an encouragement to you, young maiden.

First, some background on the story from the Bible. The amazing woman of which this story is about is called by the name of “Esther” which is a Persian name meaning “star”. Esther was also known by another or Biblical name as well. This is a custom that is still practiced today in many Jewish communities. The name was “Hadassah” meaning “myrtle”. Esther, who was an orphan, lived with her stepfather, Mordecai, in the capital city of Persia, Susa. Mordecai was Esther’s cousin. He was a devout Jewish man who served in the palace of King Xerxes. The entire story of Esther takes place during the exile of the Jews in Persia presumably before Nehemiah lead some of the people back to their homeland to rebuild the temple.

So what spiritual lessons can we learn from the story of Queen Esther? Here is some of the things I learned.

  • Esther was humble.
  • Esther was willing to be used by God in whatever way He chose, even if it meant death. (Esther 4:16)
  • Esther recognized authority in her life. (Esther 2:10-11 and Esther 2:20)
  • Esther listened to advice and did not think she knew it all. (Esther 4:10-14)
  • Esther knew the power of prayer. (Esther 4:16)
  • Esther trusted God and obeyed His word even in the palace.
  • Esther knew that true beauty and charm came from within and one’s relationship with God. (Esther 2:15)

I hope that this little sketch of the story of Queen Esther has been helpful to you and an inspiration! I hope that it encourages you to go and study this wonderful book of the Bible on your own! May we each remember that we were born for such a time as this.


2 thoughts on “Biblical Women Sketch: Esther

  1. Hi Candace!

    I enjoyed your post about Esther! April’s favorite Bible character is also Esther. She has read alot about her as well.

    Love, Aunt Jill

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