The Pomegranate

The pomegranate is one of the most ancient and in my opinion, one of the most beautiful fruits
in the world. For many thousands of years, this fruit has been enjoyed, used and
revered by many different cultures. Pomegranates along with such fruits as dates,
figs, and grapes are some of the oldest cultivated fruits.
If you have never tried it, you must try this wonderful fruit
as soon as you can! It has an amazing sweet tart flavor and so many good
healthy benefits. Here is the best method I have found for getting out the little fruity seeds
known as arils that look like little ruby colored jewels and are
the edible part of this unusual and special fruit.

1. First, score the skin with a knife into quarters.
(You just want to break the skin really. If you try to cut all
the way through, you will end up with a mass of red juice instead
of fruit.)

2. Carefully break open the fruit with your hands.

3. Have a bowl of water ready and taking each section one at
a time, submerge the fruit and push off the little seeds with your thumb.
Be careful not to break them!

4. After you have done all the sections, swish the arils around
in the water to loosen any white pith.

5. Drain the arils from the water using a fine sieve.

6. Dump the arils out on a kitchen towel and sort out
any bad, squishy ones or leftover white pith.

7. Pat dry gently and enjoy!

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