Living History

Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson

Have you ever been to a place where history was made? Maybe it was a battle field re-enactment or a historic home. Maybe it was an old ship or a village or town seemingly lost in time. There is such a wonderful feeling that goes with being able to stand right where an important person lived or a history-changing event took place. I like to think of these places as living history markers where that moment of history is embedded forever.

File:Colonial Williamsburg Governors Palace Front Dscn7232.jpg

Colonial Williamsburg
The Governors Palace

Colonial Williamsburg in the fall

To visit these places is to walk back in time, remember the events that happened there and bring it back with you to the present. These places are treasures and places where the history that happened there can not be argued with. A shrine, if you will, to the memory of a different world and time. We mustn’t forget or neglect these ancient landmarks!

I love going to these historical places for they bring the history I know in my head and have read about to life. So, how about you, young maiden? Where have you been that brought history to life for you? I would love to hear about them! There are so many places that sometimes are just around the corner waiting to inspire us and remind us that we are living history right now.

Gettysburg Battlefield Monuments

Independence Rock in Wyoming. If pioneers on the Oregon Trail made it to this rock by July 4th, they knew they would get safely to Oregon before winter.

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