How to Keep a Journal or Dairy

5 Reasons to keep a journal

Young maiden, how many of you keep a dairy or journal? I know that in this fast-paced culture, it is hard often times to even find the time to sit down and read a book much less write out your own thoughts and feelings! I have kept a dairy since I was 9, and it has always helped me to slow down and make sense of things. Often when we write out things on a page in black and white, everything seems to come out clearer. People have been keeping dairies and journals for hundreds of years. Often times they were wonderful examples of that person’s faith and first hand accounts of history for future generations. We are living and making history every day after all, what a privilege to write it down!

So, what exactly is a journal or dairy? A dairy is a place to write down ones thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears and dreams. It is a very personal book about your struggles, triumphs and plans. A journal is more of a log, if you will, of daily happenings, observations, news and even world events. These are not dictionary definitions, but my own personal generalizations. 🙂

A 'Tidbits from Life' journal: A journal of thoughts, to-do lists, recipes, Scripture verses, song lyrics, poems, happenings, trivia, things-to-remember, random facts, doodles, special memories, and whatever else inspires.

Of course, dairies and journals can be more than just words on a page. There are such things as nature journals, song diaries, story idea journals, cooking journals, garden journals, gratitude dairies, travel journals, art journals and even scrapbooks! Keeping a dairy or journal is a wonderful invitation to create, think, observe and write. Here are some suggestions to get you going and things I have learned that I hope will be useful to you!

  • When keeping a journal or dairy, remember that it is for you and you alone! Make it unique!
  • That being said, make sure that if somebody found it and read it you wouldn’t be too embarrassed!
  • Start off with a new blank book, if you have never kept a journal or dairy before and a good pen or sharp pencil.
  • Always date your entries. You never now when you might want to go back and find a certain day.
  • Make your entries as long or as short as you like. There are no rules here.
  • If you stop for a while and don’t write, don’t give up! There are no time limits or deadlines. I write in my personal dairy once a month! 🙂
  • Whatever you pick for the theme of your book, enjoy the process of creating something special and have fun!

One thought on “How to Keep a Journal or Dairy

  1. I have a little ring-bound diary where I record a few of the best things that happen each day. It only takes a couple of minutes, and each sentence can bring back a whole horde of memories.

    I’ve made several short-lived attempts over the years to keep a more detailed diary, but this way has been successful for well over a year! I guess that, taken at face value, it is more of a journal, but the memories and occasional personal notes mean it is very special. 🙂

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