Biblical Women Sketch: Sarah

When I think about biblical women and those that have encouraged me in my walk with God, I confess, Sarah from the Old Testament is not the first woman who comes to mind! As I have grown older and studied more though, her story has become one that I really enjoy reading. To me, is one of the most encouraging and special stories in the whole Bible.

Who was Sarah? The Bible doesn’t give us a whole lot of background on her childhood. When we first read about her, she is mentioned as Abraham’s wife. Her name was Sarai which means “my princess”, but was later changed by God to Sarah meaning “lady or princess”. Throughout the story of Sarah, she is mentioned as being a beautiful woman which I find amazing! Sarah is in her 80’s when we are first introduced to her in Genesis and she is still called beautiful! I have grown to love the story of Sarah more and more as I read it, because she is woman who is not afraid to follow where God may lead and though she goes through some difficult circumstances in her walk with God, she grows through it all. She is not perfect, for the Bible tells us plainly the mistakes and lies she told. Some of them we are still paying for today. However, she trusted God and was rewarded for her faith by becoming the mother of Isaac in her old age. She is remembered as a matriarch and the grandmother of the entire nation of Israel.

So what other lessons can we learn from Sarah?

  • Sarah followed God and went with Abraham wherever the Lord led him. (Gen. 12:1-9)
  • Sarah learned to trust God and though she laughed, God ultimately used her to bring forth a new nation. (Gen. 17:15-16)
  • Sarah was quick to serve and provide for those who were sent her way (Gen. 18:1-8)
  • Sarah praised God when His promises were proved true in her life (Gen. 21:1-7)

I encourage you to read the story of Sarah if you haven’t in awhile and dig a little deeper for yourself into the amazing story of this woman of God.

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