Old Fashioned Games!

Summer is officially here and that means longer days full of sunshine! What better way to enjoy the good weather than to play some old fashioned out of door games? How many of you have ever played badminton, tag or jump rope? I still love jump rope as there are so many fun rhymes to jump along too. When my brothers and I were younger, one of our favorite old fashioned games was Puss in a Corner. Here’s how you play.

Puss in a Corner:
Four people make a square and a fifth person stands in the middle. She or he is Puss and wants a corner too! The object of the game is to change places without letting Puss get a corner. When Puss yells “Change!” all the players run to a different corner. As they change, Puss tries to run to an empty corner. Whoever is left without a corner becomes Puss. You need at least five people to play the game, but if you don’t have that many people, you could just choose different places to be the corners instead of making a square.

Another one of our favorites was Statues:
One player is the Sculptor. The Sculptor twirls each player around twice, then lets go. The player freezes into a statue form. The Statues hold their positions until all the players have been twirled. Then the Sculptor chooses a favorite Statue to become the next Sculptor.

And, of course, for those days when it really is too hot to be enjoyable playing an active game, there are also the quiet outdoor games like marbles, clapping games and cat’s cradle. What are some of your favorite old fashioned games?

Three Girls on a Swing by John George Brown

On the swing

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