Biblical Women Sketch: Rebekah

Rebekah is one of those amazing Biblical women who has left behind a legacy and example through her life that is far beyond what could have been imagined. Rebekah is only mentioned in one book of the Bible, Genesis, and in only three or four chapters of that book. I love the story of Rebekah and her warm, compassionate spirit that shines through in the Bible.

Rebekah is introduced to us in the twenty-fourth chapter of Genesis. Her name in Hebrew is “Rivka” meaning possibly “a snare”. Sarah has died and Abraham decides that it is time for his son, Isaac, to marry. He sends a servant out to the far distant land of his own countrymen and makes the servant promise to find a wife there for Isaac. In that land, the servant is introduced to Rebekah through an amazing series of events that shows us the compassionate, servant’s heart that was Rebekah’s and the incredible hand of God in orchestrating events in our lives and showing us the way to go. The servant finds out that Rebekah is from Abraham’s own family. She is his niece. When Rebekah decides that she will go to Canaan to marry Isaac, she does so knowing that she will probably never see her family again. And yet, she is never forgotten, for she is the one who bears the twins, Esau and Jacob. Like her mother-in-law before her, Rebekah makes mistakes, but is still used mightily by God. She leaves a legacy by helping to build the house of Israel.

Here are some more lessons we can learn from the story of Rebekah:

  •   Rebekah was not afraid to serve wherever she was and whoever it might be before her. (Genesis 24:15-22)
  •  Rebekah did not hesitate to follow God wherever He led her even if it seemed different or unusual. (Genesis 24:54-59)
  • When she was worried about anything, Rebekah took her fears and questions to God for an answer. (Genesis 25:21-23)
  •  Though Rebekah didn’t always trust God to take care of a situation and made mistakes, she was still used by God in a mighty way.

I hope that this little sketch has helped you to understand the story of Rebekah better! May we all seek to serve as she did!

2 thoughts on “Biblical Women Sketch: Rebekah

  1. I like the sketch you made of the Biblical Rebekah, maybe partially because my own name is Rebekah too ;). I love her story, and like you said she was used by God in a beautiful way. I also agree with the point you made here: When she was worried about anything, Rebekah took her fears and questions to God for an answer. (Genesis 25:21-23).

    • Glad you liked it, Rebekah!
      Yes, I think sometimes we forget that the people that we read about in the Bible were real humans with real problems and who lived in a very different culture and world, but still tried to trust and obey God. Rebekah is a great inspiration to me! 🙂

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