Busy Hands

Every year as the seasons begin to change from summer to fall, I get the urge to pull out my yarn and crochet hooks and start making something warm and cozy! I haven’t made anything recently, but I love being able to make something with my own hands and the pride and sense of accomplishment that goes with it. There is always a sense of peace and quiet and calm as I work on my project. Making things with our hands is one of the best ways to be creative!

cookbook and pears

Old cookbook and pears

Maybe you have heard of the term “lost arts”. A lost art is a skill or craft that was once used widely (everyone knows how to do that! 🙂 ), but has now become lost to us in our modern society and culture. This could be anything from knitting and crochet to baking your own bread and making your own candles. Why not begin to learn one of these “lost arts”? Here are a few ideas to get you started!

• Crocheting
• Knitting
• Embroidery
• Sewing
• Calligraphy
• Drawing
• Soap making
• Candle making
• Pottery
• Needlepoint or Cross-stitch
• Quilting
• Oil or Watercolor painting
• Basket weaving
• Tatting
• Spinning
• Baking (Bread, Pastry, etc.)
• Weaving

Some of these have begun to be brought back and this is by no means a complete list! It is wonderful to keep your hands busy and make something useful and pretty at the same time. I enjoy embroidery, baking and crochet myself, and have tried my hand at soap making, but I would love to learn more! What are some of the skills you would like to learn? What are some of the skills you already know how to do?


Knitting and Reading


7 thoughts on “Busy Hands

  1. I really want to try my hand at basket weaving, candle making and soap making. I also want to learn sewing sometime in the future. I know how to bake and draw, and some lettering/calligraphy. I love all kind of hand crafts. I could always find something to do…I can’t understand people who say they get bored on school break or other vacations. There are so many interesting things to do and learn! 🙂

  2. Interesting painting, that last one. Knitting and reading are two things I cannot do together. I can knit and chat and watch tv but for me it’s either reading or knitting, not both. Unless it’s an audio book!

  3. p.s. was just reading through your other posts on other ‘lost arts’, but comments were closed already. I also lament the loss of penmanship in the schools – yes, they tell me that electronics are the way to go now, but still … I still practise calligraphy, and my penmanship is the best! lol All honed while writing in my journals – of which I have a collection, even though I am increasingly using up all my waking hours in a day to write in! But when the mood strikes me, I know that I have a journal with empty pages to fill!

    • Glad you liked the post, Marissa!
      Hmmm, I am not sure why the comments would be closed on my earlier posts.
      I will have to look into that.
      Sounds like you love working with your hands too! I love crocheting, but
      haven’t got the hang of knitting yet. I think it would be really neat to
      try spinning and dyeing your own yarn!

  4. I crochet and knit now, and have started on a little bit of weaving, but I’d like to get more into spinning, dyeing and quilting! Except for soap making, I’ve dabbled in all the others on your list … Maybe I should start those up again!

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