Sugar and Spice…

Autumn is here and I started thinking today that one of the most wonderful things I love about this season is its smells! I know that might sound a little strange, but it is amazing to me how our sense of smell can connect us to so many deep memories! I love autumn and some of my favorite memories were made in this season. Here are some of the scents of the season that bring to my mind wonderful memories.


Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Ginger and Cloves (Warm spices with delicious tastes!)
Woodsmoke and burning leaves
Snugly sweaters with that thick, heavy wool smell
Warm, fragrant hot tea or apple cider
Candles burning
Apple pie in the oven (If you want a delicious tried and true recipe try this one out! Dutch Apple Pie)
Baked goods (gingerbread, homemade bread, doughnuts 🙂 )
Damp, wet earth

This is what I like to call the Sugar and Spice time of year when the crisp air is full of glorious dead leaves falling and the scurry before cozy winter sets in. These are just a few thoughts and some things I have been loving recently. How about you? What does this changing season mean to you and what memories does it bring to your mind?Fall bounty

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